About the ADAPT Practitioner Directory

The ADAPT Practitioner Training Program is a 12-month program that educates and trains healthcare practitioners in a Functional Medicine, systems-based model of care with an ancestral perspective. This program guides practitioners to better understand the interplay between symptoms, imbalances, and chronic disease. It builds upon their conventional background by providing comprehensive training on advanced diagnostic testing and lab interpretation and developing personalized protocols for diet, lifestyle, and supplements—all from an ancestral perspective. 

An ADAPT-Trained Practitioner has completed our 12-month training program. You will find a variety of professionals that have taken the course, from physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, to nurses, chiropractors, and PhDs. Here is a list of attributes that you will find in an ADAPT-Trained Practitioner:

  • Looks at the body as an interconnected ecosystem and considers the emotional, mental, and physical symptoms of a patient 
  • Focuses on the root cause of a condition or disease rather than managing disease through symptom suppression
  • Develops treatment plans with a patient-centered approach that include recommendations about nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep; social, mental, and emotional contributors to health; and more  
  • Has the systems-based thinking skills to tackle complex chronic conditions
  • Has a robust knowledge base of advanced diagnostic testing and interpretation 
  • Is familiar with and practices a collaborative approach to healthcare by working with health coaches, nutritionists, and other allied health providers

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